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  These are pictures from elephant trunk. My favorite flea market near by New York city. Always lots a fun. I REALLLY DON’T WANT TO GO THIS FLEA MARKET BECAUSE I ALWAYS SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY. Always went broke right after this flea market. This flea market drying out all my money most of the times. Click the […]

New York office

  Some pictures taken from my Office. It is more likely man cave hang out place rather then real office. Recently I got into vintage American advertisement collectables. Like old sign specially lid up signs from pre 1950s. My favorite one is Edison Mazda  light bulb display with beautiful Maxwell Parrish print as you see on my pictures. […]

New Jersey warehouse

  These are some pictures of my warehouse. So much junks all over the place. I am trying to organize as much as I can. But  new junks are coming in every week so it is very very hard to keep it clean. Plus I hate to let it go many of these junks. I have thousands of […]