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Download PDF by Daniel R. Schwartz: 2 Maccabees (Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature)

By Daniel R. Schwartz

ISBN-10: 3110191180

ISBN-13: 9783110191189

2 Maccabees is a Jewish paintings composed throughout the second century BCE and preserved by means of the Church. Written in Hellenistic Greek and advised from a Jewish-Hellenistic viewpoint, 2 Maccabees narrates and translates the ups and downs of occasions that happened in Jerusalem sooner than and through the Maccabean rebel: institutionalized Hellenization and the root of Jerusalem as a polis; the persecution of Jews via Antiochus Epiphanes, observed through recognized martyrdoms; and the uprising opposed to Seleucid rule through Judas Maccabaeus. 2 Maccabees is a vital resource either for the occasions it describes and for the values and pursuits of the Judaism of the Hellenistic diaspora that it displays - that are usually fairly varied from these represented via its competitor, I Maccabees.

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5. Only in these chapters do we read of a “siege” (πολιορκ-), whether as noun (10:18–19) or verb (11:6); in the entire book the root appears only once more (12:21 – δψσπολι ρκητον). It is especially telling that no such term appears in Chapter 13, where the siege of Beth-Zur is reported. 6. In these chapters all of the Jews are termed “brethren” (10:21; 11:7) but never – “fellow citizens” (πολ ται). This, in stark contrast to the rest of the book, which (as noted above, p. 6, n. 9) habitually uses the latter term but never – apart from the opening letters and one exception at 12:6 – uses “brethren” in a broad sense; cf.

85 Hendrik Elhorst opened his article of 1905 with a complaint about the widespread skepticism with respect to 2 Maccabees that is 85 Note that there is no necessary connection between these two claims, for it could be that there were two campaigns (as is said in 1 Maccabees) and that our book happens to have two accounts of one. 40 Introduction frequently coupled with a naïve willingness to unswervingly follow 1 Maccabees, and that same year Julius Wellhausen published a detailed monograph reviewing each episode of our book and evaluating its historical worth.

144, n. 2. For some Jewish opposition to the new trend, due in part to the fact that 2 Maccabees ignores Mattathias, who is the main figure of the story in Jewish liturgy, see Abrahams, “Niese,” esp. 515–519, also his article on the Books of Maccabees in Jewish Encyclopedia 8 (1905) 243. For a review of opinion a generation after Niese, see Ettelson, Integrity, 376–380. The title page of this volume gives the author’s name as Bikerman, just as his publications in German give it as Bickermann. For convenience I have used Bickerman throughout the present volume.

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