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3D Images of Materials Structures: Processing and Analysis by Joachim Ohser PDF

By Joachim Ohser

ISBN-10: 352731203X

ISBN-13: 9783527312030

Taking and studying pictures of fabrics' microstructures is key for quality controls, selection and layout of all form of items. at the present time, the normal technique nonetheless is to research 2nd microscopy photographs. yet, perception into the 3D geometry of the microstructure of fabrics and measuring its features develop into progressively more must haves for you to select and layout complicated fabrics based on wanted product properties.This first e-book on processing and research of 3D photos of fabrics constructions describes the right way to improve and follow effective and flexible instruments for geometric research and encompasses a exact description of the fundamentals of 3d photo research.

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1) ✻ v✯ ∂X ✲ u s ✯ r Fig. 1 A circle of closest contact at a point s of a part of the surface @X . The curvature Ä(s, L) is defined as the inverse radius, Ä(s, L) D 1/ r. It depends on the plane L C s spanned by the circle of closest contact. If the plane L C s is rotated around the surface normal ξ , the curvature changes. The principal curvatures Ä1 (s) and Ä1 (s) are the minimum resp. maximum curvatures taken over all rotations of L C s. 15 16 2 Preliminaries The expression  Ã2 @s @s ds D du C dv @u @v  Ã2  Ã2 @s @s @s @s 2 D du C 2 dv2 d ud v C @u @u @v @v 2 D E d u2 C 2F d ud v C G d v 2 , is called the first fundamental form of @X , where d s 2 means kd sk2 , with the inner product ‘ ’ and the settings of differential geometry,  ED @s @u Ã2 , FD  @s @s , @u @v GD @s @v Ã2 .

Now let Ä1 (s), . . , Ä n 2 (s) denote the principal curvatures for characterizing the system fÄ(s, L) W L 2 L2ξ g, i. e. Ä1 (s), . . 5]. Then the mean curvature H1 (s) and the total curvature H n 1 (s) at s are defined as partial cases of the normalized elementary symmetric function of the principal curvatures, H1 (s) D n 1 X 1 n 1 Ä i (s), Hn iD1 1 (s) D nY1 Ä i (s) iD1 for s 2 @X . The mean curvature is also said to be the Germain curvature and the total curvature is also known as Gaussian curvature or Gauss–Kronecker curvature.

The special case ( 1) X D X D XL is the reflection of the set X at the origin. Furthermore, we introduce the translation X C y D fx C y W x 2 X g of the set X by the vector y. The set S O(R n ) of all orthogonal matrices θ of degree n with real entries and determinant det θ D 1 forms the rotation group, also called the special orthogonal group or proper orthogonal group. The rotation of a set X by θ 2 S O(R n ) is θ X D fx 2 R n W θ 1 x 2 X g. In particular, the volume is invariant under rotation, vol θ X D det θ vol V D vol V for each θ 2 S O(R n ).

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3D Images of Materials Structures: Processing and Analysis by Joachim Ohser

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