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Alton Meister's Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular PDF

By Alton Meister

ISBN-10: 047012315X

ISBN-13: 9780470123157

ISBN-10: 0471017671

ISBN-13: 9780471017677

Glutathione S-Transferases: constitution and Mechanism of an Archetypical Detoxication Enzyme (R. Armstrong).

legislation of Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolases (D. Hajjar).

the recent Biology of Adenosine Receptors (T. Palmer & G. Stiles).

Microtubule Dynamics: Bioenergetics and regulate (D. Purich & J. Angelastro).

Expression of the -Crystallin/Small Heat-Shock Protein/Molecular Chaperone Genes within the Lens and different Tissues (C. Sax & J. Piatigorsky).

Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase (GTP): The Gene and the Enzyme (R. Hanson & Y. Patel).


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Alwyn Jones and members of his research group (Irmgard Sinning, in particular), who solved the first class alpha structure and provided a very insightful structural analysis. I also thank Prof. GLUTATHIONE S-TRANSFERASES 41 Robert Huber and Dr. Peter Reinemer, who solved the first GSH transferase structure, for providing the coordinates of the class p i isoenzyme used to construct Figure 3. Lastly. the work in my laboratory was supported, in part, by grants from the National Institutes of Health (GM 30910) and the American Cancer Society (BC632).

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