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Download PDF by Dana Bell: Air Force Colors Volume 3: Pacific & Home Front 1942-1947 -

By Dana Bell

ISBN-10: 0897473760

ISBN-13: 9780897473767

Air strength colours Vol 3:1945-47

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In consequence, the Russian offensive ended by September 1916. Although Russia’s territorial advance had been considerable, in the vast territories of the Eastern Front where mobile, rather than trench, warfare was the norm, even relatively good gains did not often translate to substantial strategic advantage. The cost in casualties and war supplies had also been high; almost a million men were lost. This had a detrimental impact on morale on the Russian home front where discontent against the war and the government’s management of it was increasing due to the substantial privations borne by the population (see page 60).

The German Chief of the General Staff, Erich von Falkenhayn, aware of the importance of Verdun to the French, predicted that a massive German offensive on the fortresses would encourage the French to pour in reinforcements, thereby weakening other points along the Western Front where a decisive offensive could be more easily launched. The German assault began in February 1916 and soon developed into an epic battle of attrition. Total French casualties are estimated to have amounted to 542,000. Despite these enormous losses, and the temporary capture of several of the major forts, the French held Verdun.

This virus killed up to 120 million people around the world or six per cent of the world’s population. In 1918, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, including up to half a million German troops, were too ill to fight, weakening armies and the morale of civilian populations. 49 The collapse of Germany and its allies The German armistice came shortly after the collapse of its allies, who had all already made armistice agreements: l Bulgaria on 29 September 1918 Ottoman Empire on 30 October 1918 l Austria-Hungary on 3 November 1918.

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Air Force Colors Volume 3: Pacific & Home Front 1942-1947 - Specials series (6152) by Dana Bell

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