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By Sheldon Axler

ISBN-10: 047047081X

ISBN-13: 9780470470817

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ISBN-10: 047058579X

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Collage Algebra and Trigonometry will attract those that are looking to provide very important subject matters extra in-depth, higher-level insurance. this article bargains streamlined process observed with available definitions throughout all chapters to permit for an easy-to-understand learn. university Algebra comprises prose that's special, exact, and straightforward to learn, with undemanding definitions of even the themes which are as a rule such a lot tricky for readers.

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You should begin to get comfortable working in such situations. To get a good understanding of an abstract piece of mathematics, start by looking at an example using concrete numbers, as in Example 5, before going on to a more abstract setting, as in Example 6. Suppose b is a real number and h > 0. (a) Write the inequality |x − b| < h without using an absolute value. (b) Write the set {x : |x − b| < h} as an interval. solution (a) The absolute value of a number is less than h precisely when the number is between −h and h.

5 7 2 3 35. 2 m+3 1 · + 5 7 2 30. 6 5 7 4 36. 3 n−2 7 · + 4 5 3 (x + a)2 − x 2 a For Exercises 1–4, determine how many different values can arise by inserting one pair of parentheses into the given expression. 1. 19 − 12 − 8 − 2 3. 6 + 3 · 4 + 5 · 2 2. 3 − 7 − 9 − 5 4. 5 · 3 · 2 + 6 · 4 For Exercises 5–22, expand the given expression. 6. (x + y − r )(z + w − t) 2 8. (3b + 5) 9. (2c − 7)2 2 10. (4a − 5) 11. (x + y + z)2 2 12. (x − 5y − 3z) 13. (x + 1)(x − 2)(x + 3) 14. (y − 2)(y − 3)(y + 5) 15. (a + 2)(a − 2)(a2 + 4) 1 x 1 z 2 18.

The first letters of the phrase “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” are used by some people to remember the order of operations: parentheses, exponents (which we will discuss in a later chapter), multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. Make up a catchy phrase that serves the same purpose but with exponents excluded. 62. (a) Verify that 16 25 16 − 25 − = . 2 5 2−5 (b) From the example above you may be tempted to think that a c a−c − = b d b−d provided none of the denominators equals 0. Give an example to show that this is not true.

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