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Read e-book online Algebra and Trigonometry , Third Edition PDF

By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

ISBN-10: 0840068131

ISBN-13: 9780840068132

This most sensible promoting writer workforce explains ideas easily and obviously, with out glossing over tricky issues. challenge fixing and mathematical modeling are brought early and bolstered all through, supplying scholars with an exceptional starting place within the ideas of mathematical considering. entire and lightly paced, the e-book presents whole assurance of the functionality inspiration, and integrates an important volume of graphing calculator fabric to assist scholars advance perception into mathematical rules. The authors' recognition to element and readability, similar to present in James Stewart's market-leading Calculus e-book, is what makes this booklet the marketplace chief.

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001 if a Ն 0 if a Ͻ 0 4. ` 0a0 a ` ϭ b 0b0 ` 0 12 0 12 ` ϭ Ϫ3 0 Ϫ3 0 Description The absolute value of a number is always positive or zero. A number and its negative have the same absolute value. The absolute value of a product is the product of the absolute values. The absolute value of a quotient is the quotient of the absolute values. 12 CHAPTER P | Prerequisites What is the distance on the real line between the numbers Ϫ2 and 11? From Figure 10 we see that the distance is 13. We arrive at this by finding either 0 11 Ϫ 1Ϫ22 0 ϭ 13 or 0 1Ϫ22 Ϫ 11 0 ϭ 13.

Area of a Garden Mary’s backyard vegetable garden measures 20 ft by 30 ft, so its area is 20 ϫ 30 ϭ 600 ft 2. She decides to make it longer, as shown in the figure, so that the area increases to A ϭ 20130 ϩ x2 . Which property of real numbers tells us that the new area can also be written A ϭ 600 ϩ 20x? 5ϩ7 Ϫ 6 312 Ϫ 117 Ϫ 2 # 3 2 4 3 10. 1 Ϫ 23 3 Ϫ 415 Ϫ 6 # 7 2 4 11–18 ■ State the property of real numbers being used. 11. 7 ϩ 10 ϭ 10 ϩ 7 30 ft x 12. 213 ϩ 5 2 ϭ 13 ϩ 5 2 2 13. 1x ϩ 2y 2 ϩ 3z ϭ x ϩ 12y ϩ 3z2 20 ft 14.

DEFINITION OF ABSOLUTE VALUE If a is a real number, then the absolute value of a is 0a0 ϭ e No Smallest or Largest Number in an Open Interval Any interval contains infinitely many numbers—every point on the graph of an interval corresponds to a real number. In the closed interval 3 0, 1 4 , the smallest number is 0 and the largest is 1, but the open interval 10, 12 contains no smallest or largest number. 0001 is closer yet, and so on. So we can always find a number in the interval 10, 12 closer to zero than any given number.

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