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By Jean-Paul Sartre

ISBN-10: 0805210474

ISBN-13: 9780805210477

With a brand new preface through Michael Walzer

Jean-Paul Sartre's publication is a superb portrait of either anti-Semite and Jew, written by way of a non-Jew and from a non-Jewish viewpoint. not anything of the anti-Semite both in his refined shape as a snob, or in his crude shape as a gangster, escapes Sartre's sharp eye, and the full challenge of the Jew's courting to the Gentile is tested in a concrete and dwelling method, instead of by way of sociological abstractions.

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The rational man groans as he gropes for the truth; he knows that his reasoning is no more than tentative, that other considerations may supervene to cast doubt on it. He never sees very clearly where he is going; he is "open"; he may even appear to be hesitant. But there are people who are attracted by the durability of a stone. They wish to be massive and impenetrable; they wish not to change. Where, indeed, would change take them? We have here a basic fear of oneself and of truth. What frightens them is not the content of truth, of which they have no conception, but the form itself of truth, that thing of indefinite approximation.

Long before Mendel and Gobineau there was a horror of the Jew, and those who felt it could not explain it except by saying, like Montaigne of his friendship for La 3 I make an exception here of the engineer, the contractor, and the scientist, whose occupations bring them closer to the proletariat, and who in fact are infrequently anti‐Semitic. " Without the presence of this metaphysical essence, the activities ascribed to the Jew would be entirely incomprehensible. Indeed, how could we conceive of the obstinate folly of a rich Jewish merchant who, we are told, makes every effort to ruin his country, whereas if he were reasonable, he would desire the prosperity of the country in which he does business?

Since the Jew wishes to take France from them, it follows that France must belong to them. Thus they have chosen anti‐ Semitism as a means of establishing their status as possessors. The Jew has more money than they? So much the better: money is Jewish, and they can despise it as they 17 despise intelligence. They own less than the gentleman‐ farmer of Périgord or the large‐scale farmer of the Beauce? That doesn't matter. All they have to do is nourish a vengeful anger against the robbers of Israel and they feel at once in possession of the entire country.

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Anti-Semite and Jew: An Exploration of the Etiology of Hate by Jean-Paul Sartre

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