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A description should be provided of the approaches employed to accomplish such protection. Figure 1 illustrates the conceptual levels at which protection against environmental stressors is possible for the actual circuits/components performing a safety-related function. These levels can be characterized as follows: Electronic Component Level The first level of environmental protection for system components should occur at the IC level. , Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) or CMOS] used should be considered, if the radiation environment is significant.

The equipment whose operational history serves as a basis for qualification is typical of equipment bearing the same designation. Service conditions established from operating experience shall envelop the proposed service conditions plus appropriate DBE margin. If the equipment in service has not been subjected to the full range of postulated service conditions that are significant and not qualified by analysis, it shall be removed from service and tested so as to evaluate its capabilities under these conditions.

Thus, manufacturer’s ratings alone cannot be relied upon to guarantee reliable operation under abnormal and accident environments in nuclear power plants. We recommend that the standards and testing practices used by the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer for component stress testing and qualification should be identified and listed. The purpose is to provide evidence that quality processes were applied to the manufacturer’s product line to confirm the IC’s reliability characteristics. As a minimum, the tests covered by the standards should include, but are not limited to, the following: a.

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Application of Microprocessor-Based Equipment in Nuclear Powerplants

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