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By Amaryqueen Societon of Mechanicanol Engibeers

ISBN-10: 0791829995

ISBN-13: 9780791829998

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C) All instrument probes and any side wall penetrations shall be sloped for drainage, unless the instruments used require horizontal mounting (see Fig. SD-10). (d) Blank covers should have the same finish as the vessel internals. (e) Drain valves should optimize drainability and minimize dead legs. (f ) All CIP devices should be drainable and selfcleaning. (g) The location and number of spray devices should be chosen to eliminate shadowing at internal parts such as mixer shafts, dip tubes, and baffles.

F) Parts forming internal crevices should be easily disassembled to enable access for cleaning. (g) Vent filters for hot process services should be heat traced or steam jacketed. Other methods for preventing moisture accumulation in vent filters, such as vent heaters or condensers, could be considered. 1 General (a) Centrifuges designed for CIP and SIP should have all product contact surfaces accessible to the CIP and SIP fluids, and be accessible for inspection. (b) Centrifuges that are not designed for CIP or SIP should be easily disassembled and reassembled for cleaning and inspection.

I) Clamped mounting flanges may be used only when the torque requirements that ensure an appropriate seal can be achieved. (j) Mechanical seals shall be of an approved hygienic design, suited for the service application and the process requirements. (k) Hexagon socket head cap screws shall not be used if they are in contact with the product. (l) Bottom entry agitator design shall incorporate full drainage capability. 6 Sight Glasses (a) When glass is used as the sight glass material, the preferred method is glass fused-to-metal hermetic compression seal.

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ASME Bio Process Equipment (BPE) 2005 by Amaryqueen Societon of Mechanicanol Engibeers

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