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Writingin his Commentary on Exodus some three and half decades later,Abarbanelformulatedhis objectionthis 102. ,p. 55r. 103. Be'ur la-morehas in Sheloshahqadmoneimefaresheiha-moreh,p. 3. DuranpresumfromNarbonias was his wont even thoughhe never ably borrowedthis line of interpretation cites Narboniby name(Hayoun,MosheNarboni,pp. 89-91). 104. Morehnevukhim,p. 22v. "'05 the Guide,Abarbanelfound clear implicationsthat indeedthey could have andperhapsdid do just that. In otherwords,in citingthe verse,Maimonidesintendedto comment on the questfor intellectualperfection,the explicitconcernof GuideI, 5, not to insinuateanythingaboutthe characterof the eventsat Sinai.

Cf. GuideII, 4 (Pines,p. This understanding accordspreciselywith that whichNarboni- in Abarbanel'sversionof him- ascribesto the nobles. 69. According to Jacob Guttmann (Die Religionsphilosophischen Lehren des Isaak Abra- vanel [Breslau,1916], p. Cp. Moritz Steinschneider,"Hiyyunimle-toldotR. Zerahiahben Yishaq ben She'alti'elHen," 'Osarnehmad2 (1857): 231, who notes thatthe referencecould not be to the prominentthirteenth-century Maimonideancommentator Zerahiahb. Isaacb. She'altiel Hen since it would then be impossibleon chronologicalgroundsto understandAbarbanel's subsequentsuggestionthatZerahiah'sinterpretation mayhave been influencedby Gersonides.

See, for example,the studiesin H. , Republikenund in Europader FriihenNeuzeit(Munich,1988). A numberof studieshave Republikanismus in L 'etd? See E. H. Kossman,"DutchRepublicanism," focusedon theNetherlandsin particular. Studistoricisull settecentoeuropeoin onoredi Franco Venturi(Rome,1985),vol. 1, pp. 453-486; G. 0. 3 Among them, the most outstandingwas Isaac Abravanel,a figurewho was held in wide esteemby the PortugueseJews. Abravanelwas promptedto turnto the languageof republicanismprimarilyby exegeticalneeds-above all, by the need to resolve the apparent contradiction betweenDeuteronomy17:14-15(whichseemedto indicatethat was monarchy divinely mandatedfor Israel)and I Samuel8:6-7 (in which God and Samuel appearedto be angeredby Israel'sdemandfor a king).

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