Recently I made two new buddy Ray and Tarry.

They go around buy various  junk from Auction.

Mostly old industrial stuff like cabinet stool rack & many others.

They used to sell their junk to scrap metal place.

Ray is also Artist himself and he use lot a these material for his art project.

I get whatever it comes from those auction if I want.

They always send me some pictures through phone first.

Their price very reasonable and I can do many things with this junk.

I bought three heavy green color metal frame two weeks ago.

Also came from factory industrial auction at Brooklyn dumbo area.

OMG It was really dirty.

Heavy grease  and inches of thick files of oily dirt.

It took me one full day to clean these frames.

I been keeping some old solid wood panel from junk cabinet or other damaged old furniture.

All these wood  panels have various age and history.

Good thing these are all different colors…

I never learn making furniture or any wood working.

But making rustic furniture is easy.

These don’t have to be perfect so making a mistake is adding  another beauty.

I spent little over 70.00$ to buying some hardware and extra wood.

Three of frames cost me extra on top of 70.00$.

Cutting & assembly job took me another half day.

Another half day for final touch for these two.

Third frame is slightly higher then these two so my plan is making tea table.

I need some longer wood panel to finish the project.

I will take some time look some junk wood from flea market or my neighbor trash file.